My Story

I will began with my grandmother, the Late Navajo Master Weaver, Grace Henderson Nez. Grandmother was born May 10,1913 north of Kinlichee, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation in northeastern Arizona. She learn to weave from her mother and grandmother at three years old. Her clan is Coyote Pass-Jemez Pueblo. Grace and her siblings were orphaned at an early age and were forced to live with various relatives.  Some of patterns she acquired were Chiefs Blanket, Moki Stripe, Ganado Red, Two Grey Hills, TecNosPos, Wide Ruins and Klagetoh Style designs. She raised Merino sheep into the hundreds, however due to the Livestock Reduction Act, she was foreed to only rise thirty head of sheep. Grace learn how to sheer sheep, clean the fleece, cart, hand spun and vegetal dye wool.

Grace gave birth to Mary Henderson Begay on August 17, 1941. 

Mary, mom, taught me how to weave when I was three years old.